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Featured Artwork and Recent Projects

Traveling for Work

These personal commissions and projects with Evergreene Architectural Arts were done while working out of town. I often have a chance to work with my wife Maricela. Working with your spouse is not for everyone. For us, it's a gift. It is an opportunity for collaboration base on our decades of rapport. A chance to see, experience and share new things.

Traveling for Work - Hotel Studio

I still pick up personal commissions and/or work on personal art while out of town. Sometimes the most creative aspect of the project is coming up with ways to work on a 12' canvas, or five 4' x 6' paintings within the confines of an apartment or extended stay hotel. I believe that if you have the need or desire to work, you'll find a way.

When the Work Gets Too Big

Here is the space I work in when I get project that keep me home. It's a defunked Blockbuster Video. It is the antithesis to the hotel studio. Both spaces work...but I can easily admit that having the extra space is liberating.

Art in Unexpected Places

The following commissions were created  for the Utility Box Beautification Project for San Luis Obispo CA. Each was designed for a specific location. The colorful music theme was designed to sit in front of an Apple Store. The next had a theme of rebirth, sitting in from of a salon. The last is simply a colorful fantasy piece to contrast the monotonous brick wall in front of a bank.

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